5 Items In Your Fridge To Help Reduce Tooth Pain

When your mouth is experiencing tooth pain, you seem to know it right away. Your jaw hurts, nerves are sensitive, and it makes it extremely hard to eat or drink. Visiting a 24 hour dentist is the best way to help get the problem fixed, but you probably want some pain relief in the meantime.

By using five different items from your fridge, you give your mouth some temporary relief until you make it to the dentist's office. The following items are for quick relief, as an emergency dentist should be called as soon as possible.

Garlic Cloves

Cut a clove of garlic into a small chunk and insert it into the side of the cheek. As the clove presses into your cheek, the oils will fill your mouth. This will help absorb some of the pain and soak up the bacteria that is inside your mouth. Spit out the access oil as the clove fills your mouth and replace the clove every half hour as needed.

Ice Cubes

One of the easiest methods for tooth relief are ice cubes. There are multiple methods to follow for this strategy. The first is press the ice directly against the tooth or gums that are causing you a problem. The second method is to get a cup of ice chips and let them melt in your mouth. Do not chew on the chips if it causes you pain. Both methods will work to help numb your mouth and offer pain relief from the tooth.

Mint Tea

Look for any mint leaves and ice water stored in your fridge. Mix them together to form a mint tea drink. Slowly drink the tea and swish it around your mouth a little so the mint can coat over your teeth and gums. The mint acts as a cooling and numbing agent like the cold ice water.

Lemon Juice

While the acids in lemon juice are not ideal for tooth decay, the juice can actually serve as temporary relief when used for emergency situations. Soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice and then place it on the inside of the cheek where the toothache occurs. The cotton ball will slowly release the juice to offer pain relief. The cotton ball can also help soak up blood and bacteria in your mouth.

Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract acts as a natural relief for your mouth. The vanilla will not only help clean out the tooth, but it can help eliminate the major pain in a matter of minutes. Vanilla extract is very strong, so only a few drops need to be applied to your tooth. As the pain returns, add a few more drops until it subsides again.

Call a dentist, such as Milan Simanek DDS, to ask about additional home remedies until your emergency appointment is scheduled. Ask about medicines that can also help relieve pain.