Be a Bit More Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth: Why They Must Go

Although wisdom teeth are something that most people encounter, they still remain a nuisance for many. In general, wisdom teeth tend to crop up on dental X-rays during early to late teenage years. It is in and around this time that dentists suggest you begin monitoring these teeth. In so doing, you can better decide whether your wisdom teeth can stay put or whether they need to be extracted.

At this point it deserves noting that not everyone's wisdom teeth need be removing. However if they come to cause pain or crowding in the mouth—as they so often do—extracting them is a must.

Nonetheless, even if your wisdom teeth have grown in (and upright) they may still need to be removed. One main reason that dentists suggest extracting your wisdom teeth—even if they have not caused any palpable discomfort—is because they are difficult to clean. Because these teeth are positioned at the very back of the mouth, they present myriad opportunities for trapping food at the back of the mouth. When teeth become difficult to brush and floss they become all the more prone to cavities. Periodontal disease is another condition attached to sparse brushing and flossing.

The secondary reason that non-painful wisdom teeth need removing is because the mouth simply cannot accommodate them. Your dentist can assess whether or not your mouth is spacious enough to accommodate a set of wisdom teeth. By extension, he or she can then get about extracting them before they have even had an opportunity to erupt through the gums.

The most significant problems occur when treatment of wisdom teeth become delayed. If you end up postponing the removal of your wisdom teeth, they can actually become trapped in the bone. When this occurs, wisdom teeth have officially become impacted.

If you are someone who is hesitant and uncertain about how to manage their wisdom teeth, it is quite important that you consult your dentist at every stage of the process. By keeping in regular contact with your dentist, he or she can let you know if and when your wisdom teeth need removing. It is quite possible that you may never need these teeth removed.

However if they are causing you discomfort, or your mouth simply cannot accommodate them, it is quite important that you have them removed without a moment's delay. Therefore, visit a clinic such as Access Dental and have your wisdom teeth assessed.