2 Shocking Cosmetic Dental Modification Trends

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, you probably link the phrase in your mind to things like dental implants or tooth whitening procedures. However, for a specific sector of people, cosmetic dentistry is an idea that is taken to an entirely new level. It is not just about a nice smile of perfectly straight pearly whites. New trends in cosmetic dentistry boast some pretty unique ideas that give people a smile that is definitely all their own. While many cosmetic dentists would advise against some of these procedures, they are still quite fascinating to learn about for the average person. 

Dental Tattoos

It may sound impossible, and by any standard close to traditional tattooing, it really is. What people are calling dental tattoos are actually crowns printed with favorite signs and symbols. People are choosing specific images, such as a favorite shape or symbolic reference, and having a crown printed with their chosen shapes. These tooth tattoos are only available with the crown itself or as an abutment to a dental implant. Therefore, the addition of a tooth tattoo is one you had better make sure you really will not mind seeing for years, as removal of either would be a painstaking process. The surface level of the crown or implant would have to be drilled away and new material added. 

Tooth Gems 

If you take a look at the teeth of some of your favorite musicians, they may already have some bling in their mouth. However, there is a new kind of bling on the block that is actually is inserted into the tooth itself. A hole is drilled through the enamel of the tooth and a dental bonding agent is used to attach a gemstone or metal stud. Believe it or not, this is not a newly discovered form of cosmetic dentistry, the Mayans were known to wear gems in their teeth and skulls have been found with turquoise, gold, and other precious studs. This may be pretty in your eyes, but this is also a permanent change in the structure of your tooth, which may not always be the best choice.  

Cosmetic dentistry is full of incredible ways to enhance the average smile. Before you do anything more drastic other than dental implants or veneers, make sure you heavily consider if a current trend is something you really want to commit to when it comes to your teeth. For more information, contact a dentist like Merrimack Valley Periodontics.