Non-Invasive Veneers: A Better Choice For Some Patients

Your smile affects the way other people see you and the way you see yourself. If you have stains, gaps, or cracks, the reflection you see in the mirror every day may distress you. However, you may be afraid of procedures that adversely affect your teeth. Fortunately, you can get the look you want with the help of non-invasive veneers, a type that does not require destroying your natural tooth while giving you a delightful smile.


In years past, getting veneers meant that your teeth would be ground down so that the veneers would adhere to their surface better. This meant that much of your enamel was removed, and as a result, the procedure could not be reversed. Non-invasive veneers require that little or no enamel be taken off of your teeth, leaving you with more choices as you age and your dental needs change. 

Physical Benefits

Those getting non-invasive veneers want a fast and easy way to look better. Non-invasive veneers are thinner than traditional types but are still strong and durable. They can be shaped to hide gaps in your teeth, cover cracks, and disguise stains, even those caused by tetracycline, a type of antibiotic that can severely discolor teeth. If your teeth are too small, veneers can disguise that fact and make your smile bigger and brighter. With non-invasive veneers, the entire process can be finished in just a few visits and with minimal discomfort.


Improving your smile is not just a vanity choice. Studies have shown that people make assumptions about you based on your teeth. Americans tend to remember "attractive features." Twenty-nine percent admit that the first thing they notice is someone's teeth. Another 24% say that teeth are what they remember the most about someone's face after meeting them. People also tend to trust you more if your have good teeth. Seventy-three percent say that a nice smile means more than a good car, job, or outfit in the trust department. 

You can get the smile you want without ruining your natural teeth. Ask your dental professional about the benefits of non-invasive veneers. They are strong, versatile, and attractive, and they work on about any tooth imperfection. You will no longer need to be self-conscious about your teeth, and you can feel confident that people you meet are forming a good impression of you. Fair or not, looks are important. Don't let your teeth make life difficult for you. For more information, talk to a professional like Alegre Dental and Braces.