5 Dental Health Tips For Smokers

Dental health care is important for everyone of all ages, but it's even more important for those who smoke. This is because smoking puts you at a much higher risk for severe dental problems, such as gum disease and oral cancer. Here are five dental health tips every smoker should take seriously:

  1. Quit Smoking: The most obvious dental health tip for smokers is going to be to stop smoking. There are many methods that are used today that help people kick the habit to the curb. For example, you could wear a patch or you could even consider hypnotic therapy. Once you kick the habit, your oral health and overall health is going to benefit significantly. 
  2. Visit the Dentist More Than Twice Per Year: Everyone should be visiting their dentist for regular check ups; however, smokers should be visiting more than the normally prescribed twice per year. This is because the chances of oral cancer and gum disease developing is much higher. Waiting six months to visit your dentist can put you at risk of going into the later stages of gum disease or oral cancer without treatment.
  3. Purchase a Hard Bristle Brush: For those who don't smoke, a soft bristled brush is recommended to ensure that while brushing, the tooth enamel is not damaged. However, for those who smoke, a hard bristled toothbrush should be purchased. This is because a hard bristled brush is going to help remove the stubborn tar that sticks to your teeth when you smoke. 
  4. Use a Mouthwash Specific for Smokers: There are many mouthwash products on the market that are specifically designed for smokers. These are great to use because they help remove heavy amounts of bacteria in your mouth that you may not have been able to remove while brushing. This is also important to help combat bad breath, which is a common problem for many smokers. 
  5. Be Aware of Developing Sores: Every time you brush your teeth, you should be checking for signs of sores. If you notice a sore, it's important to keep your eye on it and notice how long it lasts. Any sore that lasts longer than two weeks needs to be checked out immediately by your dentist since it can be a sign of oral cancer. 

When you consider these five tips as a smoker, you can be sure that your oral health stays in the best possible condition.