3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Brush Longer

If you are concerned that your child is not brushing his or her teeth long enough, there are many different things that you can do to encourage longer brushing sessions. Here are a few of them:

Buy an electric toothbrush for your child.

If your little one does not seem to brush long enough using a conventional, manual toothbrush, consider purchasing him or her an electric brush.

There are many electric toothbrushes that are designed for use by child. The heads of the toothbrushes are slightly smaller so that they can fit into a little mouth easily. In addition, they are often adorned with popular animated characters to attract children.

Most children love to use gadgets. Thus, an electric toothbrush may be just the motivation that your little one needs to brush for longer periods. The vibrating action of the brush head will help clear plaque and debris from your child's mouth. In fact, your child's teeth are likely to be much cleaner using an electric toothbrush than a manual one.

Let your child choose his or her toothpaste.

With your guidance, allow your little one to select the toothpaste that he or she will use. Most of the flavors that are available in adult toothpastes are not palatable for a small mouth. In fact, your child may incur a strong burning sensation when using adult toothpastes that have mint flavoring.

Many children's toothpaste are available in mild flavors that children love, such as grape or even bubble gum. Having a flavor in your little one's mouth that he or she prefers can help ensure that brushing sessions last longer.

If your child is still young enough to regularly swallow his or her toothpaste, it is best to look for a paste that does not include fluoride. Although fluoride can certainly help make the teeth less susceptible to damage from oral acids, it can be poisonous when ingested in large quantities.

Set a kitchen timer.

Sometimes,  a child may not brush long enough because he or she does not have a strong concept of how long two minutes actually is. By setting a kitchen timer each time your child brushes, he or she can start to gain a better understanding of the required duration for the brushing session.

To learn more things that you can do to encourage your child to brush his or her teeth properly, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area.