3 Reasons To Go Into An Emergency Dental Clinic

While most of the time you are going to be just fine to go into your regular dentist during regular hours, there are some situations which require you to go in for emergency dental services. Thankfully, dentists are prepared for this, and there are emergency dental clinics that you can go into at any time. This article will discuss 3 reasons to go into an emergency dental clinic. 

You Knock Out A Tooth 

One type of emergency where dental help is going to be needed right away is when you knock out one of your adult teeth. When this happens, time is going to be of the essence if there is any hope of putting your regular tooth back into place. As soon as this happens, you are going to want to do all that you can to preserve your tooth. This may involve placing the knocked out tooth back into place without touching the roots of the tooth, holding the tooth in between your cheek and your gums, putting the tooth in milk, or placing it into a dental solution specifically made for housing your tooth. Once you have done this, or while you are doing this, you will want to call your emergency dentist right away and head in to see if your tooth is repairable. 

Severe Cuts In Your Mouth

If you happen to cut the inside of your mouth badly, you will quickly notice there there is a lot of blood. In order to stop this bleeding and analyze the severity of the cut, you are going to want to  go into an emergency dental clinic. The dentist at the clinic is going to be able to look at the extent of the cut and will determine the best method for helping it to heal. If the cut is bad enough, such as if you bit through your tongue, cheek, or upper or lower lip, then the emergency dentist is likely going to want to put stitches in place in order to help this area heal fully without becoming infect or otherwise damaged. 

Chipped Or Broken Tooth

While a chipped or broken tooth isn't going to be as bad as a tooth that has been completed knocked out, it can still be very painful for you and is something that you will want to have examined and fixed as soon as possible, by going into the emergency dentist. One thing you are going to want to make sure that you do is save the piece of tooth that chipped off, if at all possible. This is important because the dentist may be able to reattach this piece for you. In any case, the dentist is going to be able to look at your tooth and see if it is a simple chip or if there is a crack that goes clear up to the root of your tooth. Depending on what has happened, you may either be able to have the tooth rebuilt or you may need to have your entire tooth removed and have a veneer put in its place. 

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