Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Dealing with a Toothache

If you are suffering from a sudden toothache, you may decide to try to deal with it yourself until you can have a dentist examine it. However, while you are dealing with your toothache, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes.

Eating or Drinking Anything Too Hot or Cold

One mistake you should avoid making while you are suffering from a toothache is to eat or drink anything that is too hot or cold. If your tooth has eroded enamel, a cavity, or exposed nerves at the root of the tooth, any extremes in temperature will cause your pain to increase.

Try to wait until your food or coffee has cooled down to room temperature before consuming it. Also, do not refrigerate your drinks or use ice to make them colder. Instead, stick to warm beverages until you can find out the cause of your toothache.

Applying Dental Wax If There Is Any Drainage

If you suspect your toothache is caused by a cavity, you may be tempted to create a temporary filling using dental wax, thinking that covering the open hole will help relieve some of your pain. However, if there is any drainage from the tooth, applying dental wax could make your symptoms worse. When your tooth is draining, there is a good chance that infection has already set in. Because the bacteria and white blood cells that are fighting it will create pus, this fluid needs to drain out, or it will back up into the tooth and gums. If you apply wax without treating the infection, the pus will not be able to exit the tooth. Instead, it will cause increased swelling in your gums and jaw, increasing the risk of an abscess and intensifying your pain. And, you also have an increased risk of the infection entering your bloodstream, which could cause a systemic or bodywide infection.

If you have a strong metallic taste in your mouth, your tooth is draining and should not be filled with dental wax. However, even if you do not notice this strange flavor and are unsure whether or not the tooth is infected, it is better to leave the wax off until a dentist can look at your tooth.

Along with the above mistakes, the biggest mistake you should avoid making is not having your tooth looked at by a dental professional like those at Airport Road Dental Associates. As soon as possible, make an appointment with a dentist so they can examine your tooth and find the cause of your toothache so that the appropriate treatment can be prescribed.