Reasons To Choose Dental Veneers Instead Of Braces

If you're an adult who feels slightly embarrassed about his or her crooked teeth, you might be thinking about getting braces. Before you visit an orthodontist, however, consider booking an appointment with your dentist to discuss your concerns. Depending on the number of crooked teeth that you have and the degree to which they're crooked, your dentist might advocate dental veneers. This type of cosmetic dentistry can often be a worthwhile alternative to getting braces. Here are some reasons to choose dental veneers over braces.

You Don't Have To Wait For Straight Teeth

When you get braces, the outcome that you'll enjoy is having straight teeth. However, you'll have to wait a long time to get the smile that you're excited to see in the mirror. While a number of factors can influence how long you wear braces, you should expect to do so for as little as 18 months and as long as three years. If you don't want to wait that long to change the appearance of your smile, you'll be happy to opt for dental veneers. Depending on the amount of work that you need done, you may have a completely different smile in just one or two visits to your dental clinic.

There Are No Challenges To Endure

There's little doubt that braces can give you the smile that you long for, but most people who wear braces will note that they have to put up with some challenges. Perhaps the most notable challenge is that braces are highly visible. If you're self conscious about your appearance, you might not want to wear braces. Additionally, braces present a multitude of challenges when it comes to what you can eat. Lots of foods, including some that you might really enjoy, are bad choices when you wear braces. Finally, cleaning around your braces can be a challenge. You'll avoid all of these inconveniences by opting for veneers.

You'll Save Time

Although different orthodontists take different approaches, you can usually expect to visit the orthodontist very regularly when you have braces. He or she will constantly be adjusting the braces — often by replacing the wire with a thicker one — to help encourage the positive re-alignment of your teeth. The issue is that these appointments take time. For example, if you visit once a month, you should factor the length of the appointment with the driving time, and then consider the time investment over the course of a few years. Veneers don't require regular appointments; once you get them, you're done.