Issues That Call For Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are some of the best teeth replacement treatments available today. The implants are permanent, have high success rates, and are strong enough to allow you to eat anything (after healing). Below are some of the situations that call for dental implant treatment.

Failed Root Canal Treatment

If you have an infected tooth, the dentist may advise you to get a root canal treatment to save your natural tooth. Despite the excellent tooth replacement options available today, none can match a natural tooth, so it's best to save a tooth that can be saved.

Despite the high success rates (over 95%) of root canal treatments, however, there is always a chance that your treatment might fail or the problem might reoccur. Maybe your infection was more advanced than the dentist realized, some of the root canals weren't cleaned, or the restoration has failed. If any of those things (or other causes of root canal failure) happen, the dentist may advise you to extract the tooth and get an implant.

Knocked Out Tooth

An implant also comes in handy if you get your tooth accidentally knocked out. Maybe you are an amateur boxer, and an overzealous sparring partner has knocked out your tooth. Depending on how the tooth came out and whether you find it, you may be able to get it reinserted if you see an emergency dentist. Otherwise, the next best thing is to get an implant.

Damaged Tooth

You may also be a candidate for a dental implant if one of your teeth is damaged beyond repair. Traumatic damage, say in an auto accident, can leave your tooth split or cracked to the point that the dentist cannot restore the tooth in any other way. Or maybe you have suffered an extreme form of dental caries, and only a sliver of your natural tooth remains. Such extreme damages sometimes call for extraction of the remaining piece of your natural tooth so it can be replaced by an implant.

Failed Restoration

Lastly, you should also consider an implant if you had another type of dental restoration, but it has failed. Maybe you lost your tooth awhile back, and you replaced it with a denture or dental bridge, which has now failed you. A dental implant can give you peace of mind due to its durability compared to other tooth replacement treatments.

The first thing to do for any dental problem is to consult a dentist. The dentist's examination will help you know whether you can benefit from an implant or other forms of treatment. Contact a local clinic like Thornley Dental for more information.