Find Out More About Pediatric Dentistry

You should consider taking your young child to a pediatric dentist for many reasons. If you've never taken a child to a pediatric dentist before, then you probably have questions about them. Here are questions about pediatric dental exams, pediatric dentists, and more: 

When should you first introduce your child to the dentist?

You're going to want to begin the practice of taking your little one in for dental care early on. A good rule of thumb is to take them in somewhere between the time they get their first tooth and when they are around a year old. In most cases, the dentist will want to see your growing child a couple of times a year for their regular checkups. However, if there is something going on that the dentist wants to keep a closer eye on or that they are currently treating, then they may want to see your child more often than that. 

Why do first teeth need dental care?

To someone who doesn't know any better, taking a child to the dentist regularly for teeth that are destined to fall out anyway might seem like a waste. However, this is not true at all; your child needs to get proper dental care for those first teeth in order to avoid a lot of different dental issues in their future. 

These first teeth do serve a purpose. They act as placeholders for their permanent teeth, since small children wouldn't fare so well with adult-sized teeth. If your child's first set of teeth come out too early, this can cause the permanent ones to come in crooked. If your child has cavities, then the cavities of those first teeth can affect the health of the permanent ones. 

Why is a pediatric dentist great for kids?

When you take your child to a pediatric dentist, you are taking them to someone who primarily works with children. This means their office will be set up to cater to children and their staff will be great when it comes to working with children. 

All of the equipment will also be appropriately sized, so your child will feel as comfortable as possible when they go to their dental appointments. Also, a pediatric dentist will specialize in pediatric dentistry, and this should make you feel better about them being up to date on all of the latest information when it comes to the dentistry of children.