When Should You Seek Dental Emergency Services? Here Are 3 Unique Instances

When you have a dental emergency, it's essential to visit a professional immediately. Leaving such problems unattended can be detrimental to your oral health because they can advance and become severe. While proper hygiene practice can prevent the need for dental emergencies, sometimes this isn't foolproof. For example, if you crack your tooth on hard food, knock your tooth out in an accident, or experience a sudden strange toothache, you may want to go for emergency dental services. Understanding when you need this can be a great way to solve such problems before they occur. Read on to discover unique instances you should visit an emergency dentist.

If You Experience Unexplained Toothaches

Severe, persistent, and unexplained toothaches may show you have an infection or gum disease. While you can deal with minor toothaches at home, you want to seek immediate dental treatment if the pain won't go away or if the situation becomes severe. An early diagnosis is critical because it will identify the problem so that you can handle it before it escalates. For example, an abscessed tooth needs attention as soon as possible. It may also require surgery for proper treatment. Other signs you may want to look out for include:

  • Face or mouth swelling
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Fever

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you want to visit an emergency dentist right away. 

If Your Jaw Is Swollen

A swollen jaw is a clear indication you could have a severe infection. A common infection that can cause your jaw to swell is salivary gland infection. If you have a fever, bad taste, and trouble swallowing or breathing, you want to seek immediate dental assistance.

Typically, a salivary gland infection occurs due to salivary glands blockage. If this happens, it means your saliva won't function as expected. Without proper bacteria elimination and food breakdown, an infection is likely to occur. This isn't common, but it's critical to get checked to ensure proper diagnosis if you have a swollen jaw. 

You Have a Loose Tooth

As an adult, your teeth should be strong, allowing you to speak confidently, eat, and have proper oral health. However, if you have a wiggly or loose tooth, chances are you need to visit an emergency dentist. While you can develop a loose tooth due to a severe injury, this can also occur because of a localized tooth infection. This is true, especially if the tooth is also painful. 

Proper dental health is essential and can enhance your overall well-being. Minor teeth problems can escalate and become severe, so it would be best to handle them as soon as you notice any signs. Schedule an appointment with a family dentist for more information.