Halloween: Reduce Your Child's Risk Of Cavities With These 3 Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, parents and dentists alike are beginning to gear up for the increase in sugar consumption and the possible consequences. If you're concerned with your child's dental hygiene but don't want them to miss out on the fun of Halloween, consider the three tips below. 

Limit Gummies and Hard Candies 

Candy that takes a long time to eat, such as gummies, lollipops, and the like increases the amount of time your child's teeth are exposed to sugar, putting them at an increased risk for cavities. 

While a gummy here and a lollipop there won't hurt in the long run, it's important to practice moderation and limit these kinds of goodies as much as possible. Alternatives to these sweets include fun-sized candy bars – these treats are eaten in only a few bites so the sugar can be washed away more quickly. No matter how long the candy takes to consume, however, sugar will stick around and make cavities a possibility – ensure your child rinses their mouth with water immediately following candy consumption to limit this consequence. 

Brush Up on Dental Health Habits 

While dental hygiene is important year round, the weeks leading up to Halloween are the perfect time to brush up on your child's dental hygiene habits. 

Going over proper brushing and flossing techniques can go a long way in preparing your child for this sugar-filled holiday. Ensure your child is following proper techniques and is able to reach all spots when brushing and flossing. This can also be a good time to change toothbrushes to ensure your child's toothbrush is up to the task. 

Consider a Post-Halloween Goodies Exchange 

If you're concerned with your child's candy consumption but don't want them to miss out on trick-or-treating fun, consider a post-halloween goodies exchange. 

Coloring books, word searches, and dollar store toys can be a great way to significantly cut down on your child's candy stash while making sure they don't feel slighted. These goodies can be gotten cheaply and can be personalized to fit your child's interests. If your child is more reluctant to give up their stash, consider allowing them to pick out a prize of their own – this can help your child to feel more in control and happier with your decision to limit their candy consumption. Who says Halloween has to be all about the candy? 

Halloween can be a time of great fun even without unlimited amounts of candy. To learn more about what you can do to keep your child's teeth healthy and strong during Halloween, consult with your child's dentist, one like Brookside Dental Associate