Three Concerns About Gum Disease Patients Often Have

Patients suffering from gum disease can experience any number of symptoms. Typically, inflamed, sensitive and bleeding gums are among the more routine symptoms that can indicate the presence of this problem. Developing these symptoms can be alarming, but there are effective treatment options available. If you are suspecting that you have developed gum disease, you will likely benefit from having the following issues addressed about this common but potentially severe disease.

What Leads To A Person Developing Gum Disease?

This condition occurs when bacteria start to irritate the gums, which leads to them becoming inflamed. The bacteria will eventually infect the tissue of the gums, and this can lead to this vital tissue starting to die. Avoiding gum disease will entail thoroughly cleaning your mouth each day to remove the bacteria before it can start to harm the gums. For this reason, you should always brush and floss. While there are many people that skip flossing, it is the best way of removing the bacteria and food particles that get lodged between the teeth.

How Does Gum Disease Cause Loose Or Missing Teeth?

When gum disease becomes advanced, it can pose a serious threat to your teeth by making them loose. Eventually, they can become loose enough to fall out. This problem occurs because advanced gum disease will cause the gum tissue to recede from the teeth. Without this support, the teeth will loosen. Loose teeth is often a symptom of advanced gum disease, and if you are encountering this problem, you should immediately seek the care of a dentist.

Does Gum Disease Require Intensive Treatment?

Being diagnosed with gum disease can be concerning, but it is important to understand that there are many treatment options available. The one that is best for you will depend on the severity of your condition. Patients afflicted with mild gum disease may reverse the condition with little more than a professional cleaning and sound dental hygiene. However, if you are experiencing severe gum disease, surgery may be necessary to remove the dead tissue and restore the gum line. Your dentist will only be able to recommend a course of treatment after thoroughly examining the severity of your gum disease.

If you are suffering from gum disease, it is important for you to be well informed about this condition to ensure that you are able to minimize the damage done to your mouth while quickly reversing the symptoms. Knowing how poor hygiene can lead to this condition, how gum disease can threaten your teeth and the various treatment options available will make you better able to protect your mouth from this common condition. Talk with a dentist such as those at Dental Associates PC for more information and a thorough exam.