Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Fearful Child

Perhaps your child has never been to the dentist before, or they have had a poor dental experience in the past. Whatever the cause, if you have a fearful child, even a regular checkup can prove to be a nightmare. Choosing the right kids' dentist for your family can be a way you can help ease your child's fears and make them less terrified of getting their oral health checked. Here is a guide to helping you choose the perfect dentist for your tender child's needs.

Friendly environment

When you walk into the office of a pediatric dentistry clinic, your child should be immediately soothed by the atmosphere. Dental practices that cater to children often use colorful decorations and distracting, fun toys to help children feel at ease. A dental practice may have a toy train that rides around the room, or have walls painted in joyful colors that evoke happiness, such as pink, yellow, orange, or a grassy green.

Staff at the front desk should also be eager to greet your child and offer them a helping hand. Whether it's showing them where the play room is or how to change the channel on the available TV, staff should be able to anticipate your child's fears and automatically attempt to distract them from their woes. When you visit a dental practice, look for a friendly environment as soon as you walk in, and watch your child's reaction for signs of interest or relaxation. These signs will tell you that you may have picked a winner.

Patient professionals

A dentist for children should be sensitive and patient to your child's needs, allowing them to climb into the chair on their own and refrain from doing any procedures without first letting your child know what tools they are using and what they do. The right dentist may offer you the option to give your child laughing gas to help them relax. Laughing gas often comes in tasty flavors that children enjoy, such as strawberry or bubblegum, and can be used to help your child be at ease during invasive cleanings, cavity fillings, or other procedures.

The right dentist for your child will also be able to desist treatment if your child begins to cry out, or become fidgety or outright frightened. They will gently calm your child down by explaining to them--again--what the tools are they are using and why they are necessary for your child's treatment. If your child knows what is going on around them, they may be more accepting to even more invasive treatments.

Picking the right dentist for your child can sound like a daunting task, but if you know the environment and professionalism to look for, you should be able to pick the best dentist for your child. Before long, your child may even learn to stop fearing the dentist entirely. Visit different dental clinics in your area, including Kids Dental Tree, to find the one that is the right fit for you.