Tips For Caring For Your Aligner Tray Braces

If you need to get braces, you should consider the possibility of wearing aligner trays rather than metal wires and rubber bands. As long as your dental condition isn't too severe, the clear trays may be the ideal way to get the smile you want without the discomfort and problems associated with wire braces. One advantage of aligner trays is that they are removable, so they are easy to clean and care for. If you decide to get these convenient braces, you'll want to follow these tips to care for them.

Remove The Trays While Eating

You don't want to eat or chew gum while you have the trays in your mouth. Certain foods and drinks could cause the trays to become discolored. You may want to drink your beverages through a straw since sipping soda, tea, or coffee throughout the day could stain the braces. In addition, you should avoid smoking while you wear the braces or they may become a dull color and be more noticeable in your mouth. When you remove your trays for short periods, always place them in their case. It is very easy to lose your trays or damage them if you put them in your pocket or on the table while you eat. They are nearly invisible and they can get tossed in the trash easily.

Brush The Trays When You Brush Your Teeth

Unless you're dining away from home, it's a good idea to brush your teeth after you eat. That is also the perfect opportunity to brush your aligners to keep them free from food particles and bacteria. You can brush your aligners with a soft brush and soap. Rinse them thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth. Brushing your trays a few times each day helps keep down on odors from accumulated bacteria. If you're dining out and can't brush your teeth, then give your aligners a quick rinse when it's convenient to do so. You may want to use a denture cleaner on your aligner trays or use a product provided by your dentist to keep the trays free from odors and stains. You don't want to soak them overnight because you need to wear the aligners while you sleep. Instead, you can soak them in a cleaning solution while you eat and then brush and rinse them before placing the braces back in your mouth.

Keep The Aligners Away From Heat

Your aligner trays will be damaged by excess heat. Therefore, do not expose them to temperatures warmer than body temperature. Avoid leaving them in your car while you eat in a restaurant. Don't try to clean them by boiling. Keep them in their case in a cool place when they are out of your mouth. If you lose or warp your trays due to heat exposure, you'll have to buy new ones and that is an expense you can avoid with proper care of your braces.

Use Your Braces Properly

Your dentist, someone from a place like Port Orchard Dental Care Center, will show you how to insert and remove your braces properly. You need to remove them by lifting up on the back, and you insert them by slipping the front down first. It may seem picky, but taking your trays out properly keeps them from being damaged. Also, your dentist will tell you how long to wear each tray. You will get a series of trays that progressively change the alignment of your teeth. You may wear a set for a couple of weeks at a time and then move on to a new set. It's a good idea to hold onto your most recent set of old aligners so you can use them in an emergency if your new set is lost.

Aligner trays are very easy to care for when compared to metal and band braces. Plus, you'll enjoy their discreet appearance and the ability to remove them for special occasions and to eat. Aligner trays are the ideal solution for adult braces, so they are worth considering if you want to improve the alignment of your teeth so you have a more attractive smile.