Health Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

When the average person thinks of cosmetic dentistry, they focus solely on aesthetics. Sure, cosmetic treatments do enhance the look of your smile, but this isn't where the benefits stop. Having a cosmetic treatment performed can extend a number of other benefits when it comes to your oral health. If you're thinking about having a cosmetic treatment, don't overlook all the benefits you will be afforded.  

Dental Implants

For individuals with missing or severely damaged teeth, that need to be removed, a dental implant procedure can restore their smile and offer them a great deal of confidence. However, this treatment can also help them prevent future oral health concerns like collapsing of the jaw and teeth shifting. In terms of jaw collapse, teeth actually help strengthen the bones in your jaw by stimulating them. However, when there aren't any teeth present to do this, the bone will start to deteriorate.

Overtime, this will lead to a sunken or collapsed look in the area. An implant offers the same bone stimulation as a natural tooth, helping you avoid this problem. When it comes to shifting, your teeth somewhat help keep each other aligned. When there is a missing tooth, the teeth around the space will have room to move about, causing them to shift and misalign. Having an implant installed prevents this room for movement and keeps your teeth better aligned.


Another cosmetic treatment that can afford a number of health benefits are fillings. The greatest benefit that this treatment method offers is that it can stop decay. The thing about decay is that it doesn't stop developing once it has started. Once decay has formed around your tooth, the problem will only get worse without intervention. In a progressive state, decay can completely kill a tooth.

If a tooth dies, it must be removed in order to prevent further oral health complications. When you have your teeth filled, you stop the decay, restore your teeth and avoid any of these oral health complications. If you're concerned about the look of the fillings, don't worry. The days of only being able to choose from silver fillings are long gone. You can have fillings installed that are the same color as your natural teeth, making them undetectable.

A dental provider will be able to sit down with you and discuss the benefits of your treatment, as well as any concerns you might have. To learn more, contact a dental clinic like Alliance Family Dental.